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Benefits To Contracting With Ideal Medical Billing (IMB); A U.S. Based Company

Many providers and office staff struggle with handling the demands of medical billing and coding appropriately, which can result in loss of revenue.

Using Ideal Medical Billing can tremendously improve your workflow and financial success. Providers can benefit greatly from contracting their billing needs to the professionals.

What we do


We charge on a percentage basis of revenue collected. This gives both parties an incentive to obtain the maximum revenue due and do so in a timely manner.

Yes, Ideal Medical billing complies with all HIPAA privacy and security regulations. We are HIPAA certified.

Your front desk staff will have our contact information they can pass along to patient for claim or statement inquiries.

Our team stands ready and able to handle any and all follow-up agreed upon based on the initial services agreement.

Our services are based upon your custom needs. Our professionally trained staff can handle insurance verification as well as coding and claim submission. We process all charges and post all payments into the practice software. Our staff is also available to assist you and your staff with any questions.

Claims are submitted weekly unless a different frequency of submission is requested.

You can meet (on the phone or in person) the actual people who will be working on your account.

By filling out the request form, calling or by emailing us.


Medical Billing Services We Provide:

Chiropractic Billing

Our team brings expert knowledge of the latest chiropractic CPT codes and best billing practices to improve your insurance reimbursements. We’ll get your accounts paid faster and reduce denials to accelerate your revenue cycle management so you can focus On growing your chiropractic practice and providing great service to your patients

Behavioral and Mental Health Billing

Discover the streamlined solution to managing your claims and maximizing revenue collections without the hassle. At Ideal Medical Billing, we specialize in providing top-tier therapy billing services tailored to the unique needs of behavioral medicine like you.

OB/GYN Billing Services

OB/GYN billing covers a host of procedures including Obstetrics, Anesthesia, Gynecology, and Family Planning. On top of that, even for some of the more straightforward procedures in these fields, billing is complicated. That’s why there are many billing errors that are common in the world of OB/GYN.

Choose A Billing And Coding Expert Who Can Partner With You And Your Office In Your Financial Success.